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ATTENTION: Popularity Disorder!

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Seriously, can’t we all just lay off trying to push each other down so that we can put our sorry selves on top of the social ladder? Do we really have to go to the extents of making ourselves look as amazing as possible, buying the most expensive clothes, or doing the craziest things to get others to like us?  Is it necessary for us to ruin our tight friendships so that we can gain the highest level of accolades from our peers and become the ultimate public figure?

It is simply pathetic.

I believe that trying to gain popularity is a horrible crime that we commit, not only against other people but more importantly, ourselves.

However, having the natural tendency of human nature, we all want to be the best. We want to be on the cover of that popular magazine. We want to see ourselves in lights and have people applaud us for the amazing things that we’ve done, when in reality, we’re not even that good. Yes, I said it. We’re not that good.

No, I will not go into the we-all-make-mistakes speech, but rather I will tell you why being popular isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be and how we can change it.

First of all, our definition of popularity has become so empty. For girls, popularity is being the fashion guru around other girls and being the hottest girl that all the guys are mooning over. For guys, popularity is usually being the best athlete, having the largest muscles, and dating the hottest girls. Culture has messed up the definition for popularity so much so that I think it could be paralleled to the word good. Popularity is good. But is it worth it?

Culture is wrong.

We are hurting ourselves just trying to be popular. We strive for people’s words. Words that will become empty when one realizes that those were only a result of jealousy or blasphemy. We strive to have the best physique and starve ourselves or work ourselves to a pulp just to get the most beautiful body possible. We spend hours fixing our hair, putting make up on (for the girls), and choosing the right outfit. Sometimes, it hurts our pockets. For adults, they end up with too much on their credit cards. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with these things, but we all do these things. Why? So that people can notice us. We all want to feel loved and respected. We like getting compliments. Who doesn’t, right?

In the long run, we end up as tired beings. We end up drained and regretful.

I’m not saying popularity is wrong, but why don’t we all just try to change the definition of popularity into something meaningful? How about we try to be popular in a different way? Do something nice. Smile at people you pass by. Try not to be involved in drama that does not include you. Talk to those without friends. You will definitely see a difference in how people look at you. I’ve seen this happen various times, and it is more effective than dressing up or doing something crazy. See for yourself, and watch the change.

How about we all try to be a better person to help change what culture has twisted and broken?

We can do it. You can do it.


Smiley Tattoo

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Smiley Tattoo

So I have decided to show everyone my amazing tattoo. Enjoy. Take this as my Valentine’s Day present to you, my lovely readers! ❤

I woke up today with a throbbing in my head and the urge to throw up. The day before, I had been fine save for the headache that was slightly soothed when I massaged my temples. My throat had been scratchy the day before, but when I coughed during my waking, I felt as if my throat would bleed. I tried to do some school, however, my laptop would not comply. I decided to read a book (Prodigy by Marie Lu), and the horrible feeling in my body faded into the background as I allowed myself to be engrossed in the book. Sadly, a sudden pain in my chest grew and I lost interest in the book and helplessly lay on the couch. Lunch rolled around and finished abruptly.

Now I’m waiting to go to the doctor, listening to Imagine Dragons as I type this. I know, this is an insignificant blog, but I had the urge to do something rather than lay in bed and bask in my sorrow. 

Hopefully, you all are feeling much better than I am. Check again for some insignificant Valentine’s Day stories, the holiday created to make single people realize that they’re, well, single. Tschüs!

So while I was in the closet of despair, I found some new music! Woo hoo! Well, I mean a new artist–Spencer Kane.

If you are 18 or older, I advise you not to keep reading.

Spencer Kane is a 16-year-old who has a positive beat in his music. He is sort of a spin-off of Justin Bieber, but I think he’s much better! His songs are inspirational and very upbeat; I would highly recommend his music to those between the ages of 10-16 (especially to the ladies). I was blessed with the chance to be able to chat with him, and he is an extremely kind guy. He is strongly against bullying and would like for his music to be shared to everyone struggling with being bullied.

So, yes, here’s a link to his latest single: His EP should be out February 1st!