Days of Sickness

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I woke up today with a throbbing in my head and the urge to throw up. The day before, I had been fine save for the headache that was slightly soothed when I massaged my temples. My throat had been scratchy the day before, but when I coughed during my waking, I felt as if my throat would bleed. I tried to do some school, however, my laptop would not comply. I decided to read a book (Prodigy by Marie Lu), and the horrible feeling in my body faded into the background as I allowed myself to be engrossed in the book. Sadly, a sudden pain in my chest grew and I lost interest in the book and helplessly lay on the couch. Lunch rolled around and finished abruptly.

Now I’m waiting to go to the doctor, listening to Imagine Dragons as I type this. I know, this is an insignificant blog, but I had the urge to do something rather than lay in bed and bask in my sorrow. 

Hopefully, you all are feeling much better than I am. Check again for some insignificant Valentine’s Day stories, the holiday created to make single people realize that they’re, well, single. Tschüs!


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