In Denial

Posted: March 10, 2013 in Short Story
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This is a short story I wrote, which is one of, if not, the only love stories I’ve ever written. I hope you enjoy it!

You smiled again, and that smile broke the dull silence in my head. It wasn’t intended for me, yet I smiled back. You didn’t see me smiling back at you because I was hidden behind your friends.

She says she likes you, but she hasn’t told you yet. I listen to her stories and wonder if you like her too. She’s a player, I’ve been told. She loves well and dumps hard. I’m not her best friend, just her acquaintance.

She hugs you every time she sees you, but you always remain immobile. I wonder, as you talk to her, if you have any feelings towards her. She talks to you almost all the time, while I stand by and watch. To bring myself to talk to you is as dangerous as walking into a land of mines.

I tell myself over and over again, “I can’t fall in love, I can’t fall in love.” I constantly remind myself about what happened the last time I fell in love. We were never together, but I loved him so much. Until now, seeing his face pains my heart. But you, out of all people, are beginning to replace him. You, who many girls are after; you, out of all the guys in the world; you, whose smile brightens my day; you, who I am trying hard not to love.

Today, I heard that she told you she likes you. You’re so unreadable that I can’t tell if you told her that you liked her as well or not.

I come home with a horrible feeling of uneasiness in my stomach, wishing I had her confidence. I want to know what you told her, but asking one of your friends would cause them to speculate about me. Yes, that’s me. Living in denial.

You’re happy. Laughing and smiling more than you usually do. Her hand is clasped tightly in yours. She looks up at you, and you both smile. This time, I don’t smile back at you. I look away, feeling my eyes sting.

I should have known it was going to end this way. After all, you wouldn’t actually fall in love with me, would you?

I race down the hall, wishing for the bell to ring, for my next class to begin. I try my best to fight the tears that are trying to show how I feel. As soon as I turn one more corner, I stop and sink to the floor, still fighting back the tears.

It’s quiet here, and I know I can stay here for quite a while before my next class starts. If I go back to where I saw you, I wouldn’t be able to hold back any more tears. Who am I to even cry over you? You don’t even know me.

A week passes by, and I don’t see you at all. I see her and ask where you are, but she doesn’t answer.

What happened to you? Did I miss something? Have you moved? I ask your friends, and they laugh at my worried tone. Is that supposed to make me feel better?

Another three days pass, and I’ve somewhat put you aside. I need my grades to remain high, to forget you. I attempt to pull out my homework sheets from under the many books that I am trying to hold. I fail to do so successfully and collide into a student.

To my surprise, that student is you. You smile, causing my feelings for you to rush back into my being. My heart is right about to burst. No, no! I can’t be like this again!

“You’re back,” I say bluntly.

Your smile brightens. “Yeah, I am.”

You hand me my homework sheets and the last of my books. I tell you thank you.

Before I go, your lips buzz my cheek and you smile at me again. My heart flutters. Were you serious?


I look at you from the corner of my eye as I talk to her and her friends. You’re so beautiful. Today, you smiled at me.

She’s in love with me, but I’m not.

I hope you find my note in your books. Is it possible that you love me back?


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