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The title basically sums it up. This post is pretty much about my life as of now.

I’m doing a bunch of school stuff, mainly studying for the SAT on June 1st. Other than that, my Memorial Day weekend will be spent with my cousin for her graduation from college! So I am really excited for that. However, I am quite disappointed that I’ll be missing prom this Saturday. Oh well. I still have Senior Prom to look forward to next year!

I can say, though, that you all must see Iron Man 3. The storyline, effects, and Robert Downey, Jr. are amazing. Also, stay until the end of the credits for a pleasant surprise!

Since school is almost out, I am looking forward to resting and reading and having fun! But for now… life is in the doldrums since nothing interesting is really happening save for piles of schoolwork. Also, I don’t have any creative juices running through me lately so I haven’t come up with any awesome posts. Yet, have no fear! I shall make sure to post a lot in the summer. I’ll probably be posting some more updates on life later on since I consider this blog my online diary.  Stay awesome!


So I know I have not been posting for a long time now, and I want to make it up to you guys. I don’t have a large following, but I would like your suggestions for what I should post next! I don’t want to post something just because I have to.

This is what I have pending that I might post this month: Books I’ve Read So Far, 100%, I Think I’m in Love!, There’s a Cloud over My Head, School and Studying: The Difference.

I will keep you guys guessing with the titles, but let me know which one you like. If you have suggestions, please feel free to comment and I will see if I can write something on that topic. Thanks, guys!

Don’t forget to greet your mom a Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday and have a great weekend!