Before or After?

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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(Prepare for one of my random ramblings. Starting… now!) Today, a random thought hit me as I was thinking. What’s better? Before or after? 

Were things better ten years ago? How about a year ago? Five minutes ago? Or are things better now? How about five years from now? Twenty? Who’s to say, right?

Well, I thought about all the good and bad things from before and the same for after. It all ultimately depends on the individual to judge for themselves. For instance, five years ago, I wasn’t as good at drawing as I am now. And I am glad I don’t draw the way I did five years ago. Time and practice have allowed me to improve. But three years ago, I wasn’t fifteen pounds heavier than I am now, which sucks. See the pros and cons? 

But I ultimately summed it up this way: The outcome of before is always after. 

No brainer, huh?

Because I kept drawing and practicing, I got better. I was able to use the past as fuel for the future so that I can be a better artist than I am now. Regarding the weight gain, I’m working on losing those pounds by exercising and eating healthy. Those factors will definitely change what my after will look like. (I hope.)

Many times I regret saying things that I said or not saying things that I said. The immediate aftermath remains the same because it’s in the past. But you can always look forward to fix what happened before. Before remains unchangeable unless we have a time machine. Which, unfortunately, we don’t. I’d have a totally different post if that were the case. 

You can never change the before, but you can change the after. Before is a constant. After is a variable. 

At the end of the day, before and after don’t matter so much. It’s the way we react to the before and after that matters. Because we cannot change the past, doesn’t mean we can’t change the future. We can strive to pursue a different outcome. That bad season in soccer will never go away, but if your team keeps going for it and wins the next three championships, will the bad season matter as much? Maybe a little, but the three championships will make up for it. People will overlook that bad season because it’s the past. Three great seasons against one bad one. 

So I think I’ve answered my question while typing this out. It’s not “Before or after?” I believe it’s “What will you do to change your after?” 


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