Up and Coming Band: Sleepwave

Posted: October 7, 2013 in Music
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Now that the Underoath chapter has come to a close, a new door has opened for lead vocalist, Spencer Chamberlain. He is beginning a new project that deviates from Underoath and more onto the Alternative-Rock genre. He recently released the first single, “Rock and Roll Is Dead, and So Am I,” on their site, http://sleepwave.merchline.com/pages/tour. (You can get it for free. Yay!)

My thoughts on the song: I like the new sound that Spencer is trying out, but I do miss the screamo. He is certainly deviating from the grungy sound of Underoath and taking an entirely new path. There is nothing bad about it at all, but it is a huge change for Underoath fans. The lyrics to the song are all right. They’re better than a lot of the trashy music that’s on the Billboard Top 100. The tone of the song is mellow yet still carries elements from Disambiguation.

On  a final note, it’s all up to the listener. Whether you are an Underoath fan or not, give Sleepwave a try!


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