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Irony of situation.

Catching Fire, the sequel of the highly-acclaimed Hunger Games movie based off Suzanne Collins’s best-selling series, is now the top movie in America. Nearly all my friends have seen it. Have I seen it yet? No. Do I want to? Most definitely, yes. What do my parents think of it? They don’t like it. “Too violent.” “A very violent concept for teens to be watching.” “Disturbing.”

Now, check this. Ever since I was seven or eight, I’d been watching boxing. World welterweight champion, Manny Pacquiao, has been fighting for what seems like forever. His fights are on the top Pay-Per-View. My family always has parties and get-togethers with family and friends to watch Pacquiao fight his opponent. We cheer even more if it’s a KO. My parents love it. They’ve even watched classic boxers such as Muhammad Ali fight back in the day. Hundreds of dollars over the years, spent watching boxing. We eat. We scream. We have fun.

See what I’m getting to?

We crave for violence. Whether we like it or not, we are hungry, crazy people who long for bloodshed.

I’m not saying that everyone loves violence. Or that violence is good. I’m saying that we are at least curious about it. We crave it. Somehow, in the deep parts of us, there is a dark side that wants to see some action, some blood.

But is it profitable? Healthy, even?

Well… not really.

Studies show that those who listen to music with lyrics involving violence or have violent tones, tend to become violent. This, I believe, is very true because I notice it with myself too. When I listen to my favorite metal bands, I tend to snap more easily at my family members. It’s kinda scary.

The bottom line that I’m getting to here is that we can’t be blinded by violence. Is it bad to watch Catching Fire or boxing matches? No. But we shouldn’t be addicted to it or else eventually we will be building up with so much violence surrounding us that it will become difficult not to become violent ourselves.

So, I leave with this: Violence in media is not altogether evil, but the love of violence is what makes it evil.

Side note: My thoughts were all over the place writing this. I hope I got my points across.


Today, I am excited to share this special post with you all. This is my first (sort of) collaboration with another blogger, my good friend CLynn who I met on NaNoWrimo (which I will probably post about in the future). We decided that music would be a good topic for our first Q&A because what’s better than a great song, right? We both hope you like this blog post because we’re really excited to share it with you! So these are her answers to the questions we both decided to answer. (My answers can be found on her blog. The link will be at the end of the post.) So without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff!

Q: What is music to you?  

A: Life. You CANNOT go a day without hearing any form of music. It’s everywhere. Even when you’re not paying attention. It is also therapy, I know music has helped me with some tough times. I often turn to music when I’m in any kind of mood. It’s a beautiful thing. You can express your feelings with it. You can relate to other people with it. It’s probably the most amazing thing anyone has ever invented in the history of the world.

Q: What is your favorite song?

A: Right now it’s: Ambulance Chaser by Search the City (it’s been on repeat all day)

Q: What is your favorite band?

A: Um, there’s no way I can pick just one! I’ll give you my top three: Sleeping with Sirens, Search the City, and NeverShoutNever

Q: What proponents do you like in a song?

A: Good vocals, a nice bass, meaningful lyrics, and a consistency with good songs.

Q: In what ways does music influence your every day life?

A: In every way possible. I never start or end my day without music. If I could, I would have it playing 24/7

Please copy and paste your favorite line from a song: “I’ve come undone, just so you could stitch me up. This damage seems to suit you.

Q: What would you call “Your Sound” when it comes to your music taste?

A: I feel like IndieRock/Pop. But I do enjoy SOME mainstream songs.

Q: What is the latest band that you’ve discovered and loved?

A: Search the City!!

If you would like to see my answers to these questions, find it on CLynn’s blog, We both hope you all liked this post! We’re looking forward to making more posts like this one so stay tuned! Thanks for reading! You are what makes this blog complete.

Over the weekend, I’ve been thinking about happiness lately. What makes people happy? Money? Power? Fame?

There are so many things that, when we look at it from a distance, we think would most likely make us happy. However, happiness is really just not easy to find. Sure, you could be happy for a while, but how long will that happiness really last? A day? A week? A few months?

So, this past weekend, my parents finally bought me a longboard. I’d wanted one for nearly two years. And now, I finally have it! I’ve been riding it for the past few days and couldn’t be happier. When I’m not riding it, it stands against my wall in my room, and I can’t stop thinking about how beautiful it is. But today had other things of its own besides me and my longboard (which I’ve nicknamed “my new boyfriend.”) I had a test to worry about and a bunch of other school-related things to attend to. Was I happy during those times? Not really. Although I just got my longboard, I found myself already thinking about getting another longboard that I’m sure to enjoy more than this one.

What’s my point here, you may ask. My point is that, no matter what we do to try to fill our wants, we will always want something else to make us happy. Honestly, our mentality is not “give and take,” it’s more like “take and take.” We care so much about ourselves that we think in order to be happy, we have to get that next big thing then get the next one. We keep wanting to update our happiness. Like, happiness level 1.0 is what we may have now, then we want the 2.0 version, and soon enough we’ll be looking for 19302.0. It’s a cycle in us that seems to never be satiated. But, you don’t have to stay that way.

True happiness–a better word would be joy– can’t be found in things or money or fame or even power. Our true happiness comes within us. Within, surprisingly, the little things. With the things we already have and the things that can’t be bought by even a billion dollars. Little things like songs can totally change our perspective. Sure, you won’t be happy all the time. But you can definitely look at life in a more optimistic view. Look at what you have, be thankful that you’ve got clothes or shoes or an iPhone 4. Are the celebrities happy? They’ve got so much money and fame, right? They should be happy all the time, right? Nope.  Have you seen some of them lately? They get into drugs and all these illegal cases. Money and fame don’t seem to fill that void in them. I’ve met so many people who have such a great view on life, and they don’t even come close to having any of those riches that the celebrities have. Why so? They look at what they have. They’ve got family. They’ve got friends. They’ve got everything they need. (Emphasis on need not want.) Of course they have wants, but they don’t let that 5.0 get to them. They’re on a 99999.0 on their own.

Hopefully, you change your perspective from your wants and channel that to other things like helping someone who seems to be in a rut or simply giving someone a smile. Look at your wardrobe and smile at it rather than frown at the spot where new clothes should be. Love that 4.0 or whatever you have. Look at the little things. Listen to a feel-good song. Tell yourself that you are amazing!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be off to read a book…

As we all know, school is right around the corner (or maybe it’s started for you already). In my area, school starts tomorrow. While I don’t have to worry about school and the pressure and anxiety it gives people (since I am homeschooled and started three weeks ago), I thought I’d make a little post for those of you who are headed into the new school year. I thought maybe some tips can help? I don’t have much experience with going to school, but I have a good idea of what it probably feels like. For those of you who aren’t in school, I guess you can

1) Be yourself. Yes, that is the most important tip I can give you. You can even make it your motto to live by. I’ve tried so many times to change who I am just to make certain people like me or to join a group of “cool” people. Shoot, throw that philosophy away. If your friends now don’t like you, dump them and find other people who share your interests. It’ll help, I promise! I hate seeing people try so hard to change just to be friends with someone. Be yourself, and don’t let anyone else define you because you are you.

2) Have some confidence. I know it’s hard to be confident in yourself. I don’t mean you have to pull some awesome parkour trick to show that you have lots of confidence. Just carry yourself in a way that says “yup, I feel good about myself” because, trust me, it’ll help you immensely in dealing with haters. If you’re the shy type, I don’t mean you have to suddenly try to become an outgoing person if you’re not. Just have confidence in yourself that you’ll do well in school, that you will make friends or keep your friends that you have now.

3) Try to keep yourself away from drama. School is supposed to be for learning, not for a mini TV series. A lot of my friends who go to school have different stories about school. I can tell who really wants to make it far in school and who just goes to school for drama. Drama is a nasty thing. I went to a homeschool supplemental group for the past three years, and people just love to start drama left and right. It’s crazy! But people like drama. If you are not involved in any of the gossip going around, please steer clear from it. I guarantee you, your life will be 1,000 times better without it. I mean you can’t keep drama away from you forever, but try to keep it at a low percentage.

4) Let the haters hate. Yes, I said it. You can’t have everyone love you. I don’t know how to explain it, but you just can’t. If someone is constantly bothering you, don’t say anything because those bullies/haters like getting a negative reaction from you. Shrug it off and keep going. (Confidence is needed.)

5) Tell yourself that you’re awesome. You might not think that about yourself, but when you speak positive things about yourself, you actually feel happier. Build someone else up too! Let me be the first to tell you that you are awesome, and you can make it through this school year (or whatever you’re going through right now).

I really hope that you read all of this and start doing what I’ve listed here because I really have found this to be true and helpful in my life. Have an amazing school year!

Till the next post… Ciao!

“Wow, this is not what I expected… calm down. You know that you should never have expected anything. I know, but I thought things would end differently. Don’t worry, you still have next week to clarify things, right?”

We all do this, don’t we? We talk to ourselves in the mirror as if we were talking to our best friend or our dog or our food for that matter. Somehow, it releases some tension that we have been feeling. Now, don’t be thinking to yourself, “Wow, I never talk to my reflection. This kid’s a weirdo.” Calm down. You know you do the same. If it’s not a mirror, you do talk to yourself. Whether out loud or in your mind, you really do talk to yourself. Almost constantly, I’ve realized… okay, now I am creeping myself out because I am currently conscious that I’m talking to myself while typing this.

Why do we do this? Frankly, I don’t know. There’s something about talking to yourself that makes you feel lighter and more confident in yourself. If you don’t believe me, fine, how about you get off the screen, go to the closest mirror you find, and talk to yourself about your problems. Or just talk to yourself right now about what’s bothering you or what’s going on in your life. See if it makes everything better.

Ready? Go!

Okay so you probably didn’t heed my advice, but it really releases stress. Even guys do this. If you’re a guy, don’t lie to me and shake your head at the computer screen. I know you’ve done that. Maybe you’ve practiced what to say to that cute girl or what you would say to your parents to convince them to buy you something. Or maybe you’ve flexed your muscles or flipped your hair in front of the mirror, saying, “Man, I look good today.” And, girls, yeah, admit it. You may not be as girly as someone else, but you talk to yourself, don’t you? You don’t have to be girly to do so.

But, yes, those are my thoughts for today. I do apologize for not posting for a long time. SATs, long papers, end of the year pressure, and a bunch of other things have been bombarding my life. I will be sure to post more in the summer so stay tuned! For now, you should definitely try talking to yourself, seriously.

Well, no, not really. I hope you’re not dead. Of course you’re not dead, you’re reading this! Silly me.

Yeah, as you can tell, this is another of those life-is-treating-me-in-a-bad-way posts. Sorry if you’re tired of my complaining, but there is no other way for me to express how I feel except for this blog. I can say practically anything I want to say, and I can just be myself without people bashing me over my head saying that I’m a hopeless wreck.

I mean, seriously, I shouldn’t be so affected. My life is virtually perfect. I couldn’t agree more with that statement. Yeah, school is hard and it’s horribly dreadful. But my family is together. I live in a decent house. I have clothes to wear. I have food to eat.

What is wrong with me?

Can’t someone teach me how not to fall in love with the wrong person? Goodness, he probably doesn’t even care about my existence. Can I channel that into something productive?

On top of that, I feel that sometimes people don’t care about me. Do they? I really hope so. I feel like a wallflower for the most part. Everyone has a best friend except for me. Everyone has that someone that holds their gaze when they see each other. Everyone but me. Family is nice, but people always want love outside that. Or is it just me?

What’s that term we use today? Oh, right. First world problems. Not my favorite term, but that’s how I’ll put it.

I think I’m a hopeless romantic. Why can’t I fall in love with doing something, say, school or studying? That would be so much easier.

I try my best to hold back tears just thinking about it. I know it’s the brutal cycle of life, but I just wish that life would be kinder.

Yeah, this post is all over the place, but I thank you for reading this far. Besides God, you guys are what keep me hanging on even if it’s by a thread. You guys are what keep the razor from slipping. You guys let me know that someone out there cares for me.


Those Days When…

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I feel like I want to stuff myself into my closet and cry. I want to be alone and let all the sadness that has built up in my chest out. As you can tell, yes, it’s one of those days. Those days where you were expecting something and did not get close to that at all.

Now I’m reading depressing song lyrics, listening to depressing songs, and listening to the sound of the rain falling outside alongside the tears that are locked up in me. I want to let everything out and forget, but I know that it’s impossible. It’s impossible for me to ever let go of this feeling until something else throws it out and replaces it. I try so hard to be as perfect as I can be, but it’s never enough.

You see, I’m not at all like most girls. I don’t wear make up, I don’t really dress up all fancy when I go outside even though I do enjoy dressing up sometimes, I don’t read sappy love stories, and I don’t like One Direction. While all the girls I know are  raving about Les Miserables, I’m listening and hoping that no one cares if I saw it. I don’t seem to fit in; and that hurts.

But like every other girl, I do want to be accepted. I want the guy I like to like me back, but it isn’t going too well. Honestly, it sucks. It sucks so badly that I want to cry just thinking about it. You see, I’m not the only one who likes him. There are at least two other girls who do; and they are so much prettier than I am. If he were to chose, I’m not even sure if he would look at me for at least a second. On top of that, they flirt with him all the time, therefore making it difficult for me to even talk to him. And he knows that I like him because someone told him that I did. Ugh. I’m sorry to burden you with my problems, but it must be done. I can no longer hide this pain in my chest.

It hurts. It sucks. It stops my world even if he doesn’t know that.

So I guess it’s time for me to get into that closet. Until then…