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Now that the Underoath chapter has come to a close, a new door has opened for lead vocalist, Spencer Chamberlain. He is beginning a new project that deviates from Underoath and more onto the Alternative-Rock genre. He recently released the first single, “Rock and Roll Is Dead, and So Am I,” on their site, (You can get it for free. Yay!)

My thoughts on the song: I like the new sound that Spencer is trying out, but I do miss the screamo. He is certainly deviating from the grungy sound of Underoath and taking an entirely new path. There is nothing bad about it at all, but it is a huge change for Underoath fans. The lyrics to the song are all right. They’re better than a lot of the trashy music that’s on the Billboard Top 100. The tone of the song is mellow yet still carries elements from Disambiguation.

On  a final note, it’s all up to the listener. Whether you are an Underoath fan or not, give Sleepwave a try!


I know my last post was about music, but hey, why not post another one?

I’ve been highly influenced by metalcore and the like lately… mainly Underoath. Only the Lord knows how much I love them so much. Lost in the Sound of Separation is actually influencing my whole novel that I’m working on right now. Seriously, it’s like listening to an apocalypse novel (well, for me.) I know it’s mostly about drug addiction and stuff, but I interpret it in a deeper fashion. They almost have parts of my plot in their songs. It’s crazy.

“I was too scared to show what I am… bear with me, bear with me, this is all I have left.” (I’ll post the YouTube song link at the end.)

Those words are just so moving to me that those are the very words that my character cries out almost throughout the story. (Not literally, of course.) The whole album exemplifies the events in my story.  Sometimes, part of it, and sometimes all of it. I try to give a song to one of my characters, sometimes taking from other Underoath albums.

Music is such a dramatically large part of our life whether we realize it or not. I think I cannot go on for a day without listening to at least one song from one of my favorite bands.

So if you’re trying to come up with an awesome idea for a story if you’re a writer like me, try listening to your favorite song. Oh, and just a tip, don’t try to get it from a worthless pop song (sorry pop lovers). Try Death Cab for Cutie, Blink-182, Thriving Ivory, Coldplay… bands like those. If you’d like to add any band suggestions, feel free to do so. Or ask me for others if you like what you hear. (Those bands are, by the way, bands that everyone can listen to. Don’t worry, no screamo.)

I hope that as you go about your week, you will find a song to inspire you.

(Maybe it’ll be this one!)